A Mom's Guide to Sanity

Learn easy tips and tricks to help you regain your sanity while raising your kids.

A Mom's Guide to Sanity, the journey of a metaphysical mama, is a self-help, self-love course where moms will learn a ton of easy techniques and tools they can build into their day so they can become calm, cool and collected (at least most of the time).

This course includes videos, audios and slides, so that every learning style is covered.

Each section of this course is divided into: Body, Mind and Spirit with a section on how to manifest goals.

If you are a stressed out mom, who is at her wits end, then enroll in this course. A Mom's Guide to Sanity is a fun, easy going and non-judgmental course that can truly change your life for the better.

I look forward to sharing all that I have learned so far in my journey of staying sane while raising my kids.

Intended Audience: stressed out moms

A Mom's Guide to Sanity-Introduction
Who is Caroline Nixon?
What the heck is a Metaphysical Mama?
A Mom's Guide to Sanity Disclaimer-please read before you dive in
What will you learn in this course?
Why are we so nuts?
A Mom's Guide to Sanity Tips for when you are losing it
The Body-Introduction
Are you breathing?
Breathing exercises
Getting your zzzzz's
You are what you eat
I like to move it, move it
Reducing your toxic load
Body tips for sanity
A Mom's Guide to Sanity Top Daily Tips
The Mind-Introduction
What's that smell? -Aromatherapy 101
What to look for when buying oils plus my Top 10 favorite essential oils
Aromatherapy Disclaimer
Aromatherapy Quiz
Look into my eyes-Hypnosis
Hypnosis session
The Spirit-Introduction
Energy Healing/Balancing
The Chakra system
Chakras 101
Chakra meditation
Energy testing
Energy Healing/Balancing Quiz
Manifesting your goals-Introduction
Creating a goal book/vision board
Manifesting with colors
Manifesting with crystals
Manifesting with essential oils
Using color, crystals and essential oils to manifest
Manifesting your goals Quiz
I have all this knowledge. Now what?
A Mom's Guide to Sanity Top Tips
Thank You!
My websites to check out
How you can buy my book
Other websites I love
A Mom's Guide to Sanity-Menu Planner

What's included

  • 33 Video Lessons
  • 13 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Caroline Nixon